Electric Motor
Rewinds &

We Rewind & Service All Brands
Of Electric Motors. We Even Provide
General Engineering & Modification

Rewinds for all brands including

  • Single and three phase

  • Armatures

  • Winding re-design for:  multi-speeds, voltage, Hz, Temp, Insulation Protection,Phase, Hi Cycle

  • Multi speed

  • Transformers

  • Brake coils

  • DC motors

Servicing for all electric motors including

  • Bearing & brush changes

  • Commutator Machining

  • Re-varnishing & baking out of Stators

  • Complete overhaul of all makes of pumps

  • On site or in house

General engineering & modification including

  • Shaft Extension including double shaft

  • Shaft end shield and keyway repair

  • Adapter flanges

Operating Hours

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Monday – Thursday
7am – 4pm

7am – 2pm

03 9335 3000

8/85-91 Keilor Park Drive
Tullamarine VIC 3043

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